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The user smith has logged in to the system and his current working directory is /tmp. Which command changes the user current working. Which command changes the user’s current working directory to the user’s home directory? (Choose all that apply.)

A. cd

B. cd ..

C. cd ~

D. cd ../~

E. cd /home

F. cd $HOME

Answer: ACF

As root you have changed the default login shell to one of the shells listed in /etc/shells file. Which file entry is modified as a result of this?

A. /etc/shadow

B. /etc/shells

C. /etc/passwd

D. /etc/default/useradd

Answer: C

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Which command gives the following output?
Date 03/12/2007, Time 12:00:01 AM

A. echo “Date date +%x , Time date +%r ”

B. echo “Date `date +%x` , Time `date +%r` ”

C. echo “Date `date +%r` , Time `date +%x` ”

D. echo “Date `time +%x` , Time `time +%r` ”

Answer: B

Which three statements are true about screen? (Choose three.)

A. screen has the ability to lock a terminal.

B. screen has the ability to monitor a session.

C. screen windows do not adhere to vt100 standards.

D. All windows in a screen are dependent on each other.

E. Each window in a screen has its own scroll-back buffer.

Answer: ABE